OVL Minibus Leasing Special Offers http://www.ovl.co.uk Minibus Leasing Special Offers from OVL Ford TRANSIT 460 L4 RWD H3 TREND 125 17 SEAT MINIBUS http://www.ovl.co.uk/special_offers.asp?id=3559&ref= Ford TRANSIT 460 L4 RWD H3 TREND 125 17 SEAT MINIBUSMinibus leasing from: 324.99 per month

Whether you are a tour company or a school club, travelling across country or simply running a shuttle service, the Transit Minibus is a bold, safe and dependable choice. Your choice of commercial vehicle affects the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business. And making the right choice has never been as important. That’s why the Ford Transit has been further improved and updated, for example, there’s a new, more powerful and highly efficient engine range which meets the stringent Stage V1 European emissions standards. You also have Smart Regenerative Charging, which only charges the battery when it needs it, plus an option on the ECO Pack of an Auto-Start-Stop system, which saves fuel (and money) whenever you have to stop. Combined, these and many other innovations make the Ford Transit more fuel efficient, harder working and better looking than ever before. Offered in a variety of configurations from 9 to 17-seat versions, all of which are designed to carry everyone in a light, spacious, well-equipped interior. While your passengers enjoy the journey, you will appreciate the superb driving experience with almost car-like ride and handling.

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Ford TRANSIT 350 L2 MINIBUS DIESEL RWD 2.2 TDCi 125ps H2 12 Seater Trend http://www.ovl.co.uk/special_offers.asp?id=2367&ref= Ford TRANSIT 350 L2 MINIBUS DIESEL RWD 2.2 TDCi 125ps H2 12 Seater TrendMinibus leasing from: 279.99 per month

Ford Transit Minibus - the only way to travel.  Whether they’re business travellers or holidaymakers, adults on a day out or kids on a school trip, getting people comfortably and safely from A-B is a big responsibility.  So make sure you choose a vehicle that’s purpose-built for the role and is designed to make everyone feel they’re travelling in style. the Transit Minibus.  This exceptionally roomy and versatile vehicle incorporates many of the features and technologies you’d expect to find in a well-equipped car. And this certainly makes the Minibus an attractive proposition if you transport people for a living, because you’ll easily exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers.  This 12-seat 3500 kg GVM vehicles may be driven by non category D1 license holders on a non-commercial basis, with towing and roof-loading not permitted.  The Trend model is very well equipped with added comfort features for bith the driver and the passengers.

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Volkswagen TRANSPORTER SHUTTLE T32 LWB DIESEL 2.0 TDI BMT 102PS SE Minibus http://www.ovl.co.uk/special_offers.asp?id=1178&ref= Volkswagen TRANSPORTER SHUTTLE T32 LWB DIESEL 2.0 TDI BMT 102PS SE MinibusMinibus leasing from: 238.99 per month

With flexible seating options, and capable of carrying up to eight passengers, the sixth generation Transporter is both comfortable and stylish.  With twin side sliding doors with sliding windows as standard. Nothing is more important than your passengers' safety, so you will be happy to discover the Transporter shuttle comes with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), airbags, traction control and emergency braking hazard warning lights as standard.  The engine technology in the Transporter shuttle delivers surprising power, performance and economy. The new 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI engines range from 84PS through to 180PS. Each engine is quieter and more fuel-efficient than ever before, and all comply with Euro 6 emission standards.  Where there are people, there's luggage, so, with this in mind, there's ample storage space with integrated storage compartments - even at full capacity. And there's even more room if you choose a long wheelbase option.

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Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Compact 114 Cdi Pro 8-Seater 7G-Tronic Auto Minibus http://www.ovl.co.uk/special_offers.asp?id=791&ref= Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Compact 114 Cdi Pro 8-Seater 7G-Tronic Auto Minibus Minibus leasing from: 279.99 per month

The New Mercedes Vito Tourer impresses when it comes to carrying passengers. Available as a compact, long or extra-long, up to nine people including the driver can be seated comfortably.  The Vito PRO is a dependable people carrier from Mercedes-Benz. Whether operating as an airport shuttle or transport for your business, the Vito Tourer PRO will impress with its high levels of comfort and flexibility.  This makes Mercedes-Benz van ideal for all your passenger carrying needs.  All New Vito Tourer models feature BlueTEC engines which meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. BlueTEC engines use SCR technology, which to reduce NOx emissions to help improve its environmental efficiency.

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