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A round up of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019


A round up of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The Frankfurt Motor show is still in full swing, at the time of writing. With five more days to go, visitors have been treated to some big reveals and a whole host of tech from the exhibitors.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated reveals, and the one that’s garnered most of the press coverage, is that of the new Landrover Defender.

Landrover Defender 2019

This new model is by far the biggest shake-up in the Defender’s 71-year life, with an all-new platform, a wide range of engines, new technology and significantly increased dimensions. Production has also moved from Solihull to Slovakia. Landrover say the Defender’s platform is 95 per cent new compared to existing models, and Land Rover says it’s the “strongest, stiffest structure it’s ever engineered.” Three-door 90 and five-door 110 versions of the new Defender have been confirmed so far, with the 110 available now.

The Honda e has also hit the headlines.

The Honda e

Revealed in Frankfurt was the final production car that will soon be on our roads. The Honda e will come in two power specifications: one with a range-topping 152bhp e-motor and the other with a 134bhp unit. The e has a futuristic interior with two large touchscreens and real ‘stuff of the future’ are the cameras replacing wing mirrors.

Volkswagen is calling its new ID.3 EV its most important car since the Beetle and Golf and it was revealed in Frankfurt.

VW have said: ……. the ID.3 is as compact as a Golf, has the interior space of a Passat, and the [performance] punch of a Golf GTI. It’s reported range is ‘up to’ 550km [342 miles] and is the first model in the ID range….watch this space!

The BMW Concept 4 has hit the headlines with some controversy – it has, what can only be described as a giant front grille!

The BMW Concept 4

It will be interesting to see how much of the concept is translated into the final production model

The BMW Concept 4

For more Frankfurt news and updates head to Twitter and search the hashtag #frankfurtmotorshow

The Tesla 3 - could this be your next zero emission lease car?


The Tesla 3 - could this be your next zero emission lease car?

We have been fortunate enough to test drive the Tesla Model 3 here at OVL HQ - and, in short, we loved it! 

The Model 3 is great to drive, the tech really is the stuff of the future.....but it's here now at our finger tips. Literally as the only controls is the touch screen i-pad'esque control panel that sits on the extremely minimal dashboard.

The touchscreen system is pretty much the same as the one that is in Tesla's larger models – albeit a touch smaller (15in) andlandscape orientation rather than portrait. After a quick demo from the Tesla rep we were able to get to grips with the operating system pretty quickly and were impressed by how intuitive it was.

We mentioned the extremely minimal dashboard already - and we can't really stress how minimal it is! Everything from the wipers to the headlights, steering wheel and door mirror position adjustments are made using that same central touchscreen. The speedo is displayed on the screen, as is mileage range......everything! 

Have a look at Tesla's Model 3 Support Videos here to see the touchscreen for yourself. 

The Model 3 is fast (we drove the Standard Plus) and a pretty smooth drive with plenty of space for 4 adults - a 5th could sit in the middle of the back seat pretty comfortably for a shorter journey,  and a large boot with smaller storage, that would fit a small suitcase, at the front of the car.

Tesla report that the Model 3 can manage 254 miles on a full charge - access to the Tesla Super Charger network is on a pay as you charge basis for the Model 3 and it can of course be charged at home on a normal charger. 

Undeniable sleek looks, a great drive, futuristic interior and the many benefits of electric motoring - what's not to love? 

Our current leasing offer for the Model 3 is from £354.99 a month with delivery in 10-12 weeks from order. Get your personalised quote by clicking here or contact our team by emailing sales@ovl.co.uk or call 01491 615500